Q1. What steps should I follow to log-in to the contest?

You will have to enter your email id (same as the one used to register for the contest) & password entered during registration, to log-in and start the contest.

Q3. Do I have to attempt the questions in serial order?

No, you do not have to attempt the question in any particular order.

Q4. Where can I see the list of languages and compilers with their version?

On the welcome page under 'Participation Guidelines' tab, you may click on the '+' sign and see the languages to be used and the compiler version.

Q7. If I have referred/used a code from the internet, do I have to declare the same?

Yes, before you submit your code, you will have an option ( I would like to provide attribution to the following sources.) Select this option before submitting. You are free to refer other material but you need to declare the source code.

Q8. Where can I check the status of questions submitted by me?

For Private test cases - in My Submissions tab and for Public test cases - in My Compile and Run tab.

Q9. If I close my browser will the codes written be saved on the system?

No, if you close your browser, you will lose your work. You should ensure that all submitted code is saved in your local file system as well.

Q10. How long before a session will expire?

If you are not active on the system for more than 15 minutes, the session will expire.

Q11. I closed my browser without logging out. I am unable to login.

Your session is still live on CodeVita servers if you do not logout. Hence you will get an 'User already logged in' message. Your session will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity after which you will be able to login.

Q12. What is the purpose of Code Attribution?

If a website or an URL has been useful in arriving at a solution to CodeVita problem, then it is imperative that the precise source be cited. Please give precise URL(s) of all code used. If precise URL is not provided code maybe considered plagiarized.